Artificial Intelligence

New US and UK proposals, AI “ghost” workers, OpenAI red teaming, Anthropic Responsible Scaling policy, talks by Bill Gurley, Ray Dalio, and more.
Companies make AI commitments at The White House. Plus: AI Insight Forum, EU supercomputer access, AI could reshape governments, and more.
Regulators back in session, AI alignment, molecules-to-aromas, LLMOps, new releases, and more.
EU Digital Services Act, CodeLlama and GPT-4 compete, brain-to-voice AI, Nvidia’s record earnings, and more.
AI ‘off-switch’ for Europe, AI can’t hold copyright, and a surge in new releases and founder interviews.
Proposed rules follow Executive Order, first-of-its-kind AI bias lawsuit, GPT-4 for content moderation, AGI in 2-3 years, and more.
US rules explained, Big AI launches industry forum, AI’s Oppenheimer moment, and more.
Policy speeds up, opportunities and risks of AI, and more.
This week in AI news, we have updates on global policy, new ideas on responsible AI, + some interesting ideas about the impact of AI on issues from…
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Last Updated: October 6, 2022 Nearly all technology companies leverage AI or automated large data systems in their products and services. The White…